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RED the Steakhouse, is one of those places if you haven’t been you must go. It’s the talk of the town.  The who’s who goes there. So the Divas, Christine Curran and Michelle Vanessa, were definitely excited to pay Chef Peter a visit. 

The girls were first greeted by master mixologist, Henry, from Jack Daniels. He started the day off with some classic cocktails.  He made a champagne julep with the newest whiskey on the market, Gold 27.  He also

made a port manhattan with the smooth tasting Jack Sinatra and port wine.  Although both drinks were great, the Divas both loved the whiskey and champagne mix with the Gold 27 best. There is something about whiskey and bubbles that drives women crazy.  A little tipsy, the girls moved on to the kitchen to meet the meat artist, or as most call him, Chef Peter. RED is a destination spot in SOBE. RED sells the most certified Angus beef prime steak in the country! YEAH you heard that right, the

country. It was a pleasure to learn so much about steak and the proper preparation of it from a true professional. Finally it was time to eat! The girls invited local celeb, the PRINCE of South Beach, to eat with them. His celeb status on VH1 Love and Hip Hop Miami, has made him a house hold name in So Flo. It was great to hear about his new hit song and all the successes he has had in the past few years.  

After all that Jack Daniels and RED steakhouse specialities the Divas were ready for either a nap or a night on the dance floor.  Watch the new episode to see all the fun! 

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