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The Divas stepped out in style to visit the gorgeous ocean front, B Ocean Resort.  Our “Spicy Diva” Christine Curran and “Sweet Diva” Ana Maria Reyes, caught a glimpse of the live Mermaid show while sipping Mermaid vodka cocktails at one of the oldest bars in Ft Lauderdale, The Wreck Bar.

 Ana tried the Mermaid Cosmo while Christine manhandled the Merman Collins, both loaded with the smooth tasting Mermaid Vodka. They indulged in story telling with Mark, the head bartender, about the history of the Wreck Bar.

Not only was the bar featured in the movie “Analyze This” with Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal but it was also a famous spot for Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio to canoodle during the Yankee Spring Training back when the Resort was called the Yankee Clipper. The piece of the bar that they engraved their names in has been removed and placed in a museum. The bar has even been deemed historical by the city of Ft Lauderdale and it is not allowed to be remodeled. Its one of the only port holes in Florida and definitely the only one having live Mermaid shows, making this venue a tourist destination spot.

After a great time at the bar the Divas made their way over to the Naked Crab to chat it up with Chef Morales in the kitchen (picture). There they learned the secret to making the infamous Naked Crab ceviche which is very refreshing for summer. The Grouper ceviche has sea salt added to cure the fish, lemon juice, Peruvian peppers, cilantro leaves and onions. The sauce, where all the flavor lies, includes Peruvian yellow pepper chilis. The dish is topped with a soft shell crab.  The Chef also fired up the dry aged bone in ribeye with dry herbs. The meat was cooked on a Himilayian pink salt rock which is much healthier then regular salt or sea salt. It also helps you retain less water and bloating (picture).

The steak and seviche were accompanied by grilled avocado and black bean dip, rock octopus and the gambas rojas. According to the Divas the rock octopus was very tender. The meat was the perfect temperature. They could actually taste the difference of the pink salt. It had a milder flavor which made it very savory. The gambas rojas was definitely the talk of the night. Its a very juicy shrimp. The meat was softer then your regular crustacean.  The soft shell crab on the Naked ceviche was one of the favorites. The sauce was bursting with exotic flavors and just spicy enough to give you a little kick.  

The Divas saw Chris Cruz strolling thru the restaurant and invited him to taste the feast they had just prepared with the chef. Chris told the girls about his new pop up water park, NEO Splash Experience, which is pairing well at the Jungle Island location.  

Overall it was quite the seafood melody experience the Divas were hoping for. They even indulged in a contribution to Anthony Bourdain and ate the head off the gamas rojas, a very delectable craw fish from the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain. 

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