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What Makes must see TV?

 Combining food, Celebrities and of course, personable hosts! That’s what Dining Divas is all about…a fun, out-on-the-town show featuring the trendiest hot spots for dining. Each episode kicks off with the Divas taking you to a new upscale restaurant where they sip on signature cocktails at the bar before learning how to cook the chefs favorite dishes. With our vibrant hosts, you’re guaranteed good banter and lots of laughs as they chop it up in the kitchen. Following their behind-the-scenes culinary experience, our hosts are greeted by an influential guest to enjoy the fruits of their labor at the dining table. The audience will get to know their guest a little better in a more realistic and candid approach to Celebrity interviews.

Marketing Services


Our expert marketing services tantalize taste buds, amplify your brand’s visibility, and drive diners to your door. From social media campaigns to national exposure, we deliver results that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your restaurant’s presence with Dining Divas!


Meet The Hosts

Meet the charismatic hosts of Dining Divas TV, your culinary guides to mouthwatering adventures. Join these experts as they take you on a journey through the world of flavors, restaurant experiences, and culinary wonders


Meet The Guests

Meet the extraordinary guests of Dining Divas TV, each with their unique story and passion for food. Join us as we share their inspiring culinary journeys and the delightful experiences they bring to the table.

Partners Season 1&2

Discover the incredible marketing partners featured on Dining Divas TV, the driving force behind the restaurant industry's success. Join us as we showcase their innovative strategies and collaborative efforts, making dining experiences unforgettable

Partners Season 3

Season 3 of Dining Divas TV brings you a lineup of exceptional marketing partners who are at the forefront of culinary innovation. Join us as we dive into their exciting campaigns, strategies, and collaborations that elevate the restaurant industry to new heights.

Let's Partner Up

Elevate Your Restaurant's Success with Dining Divas' Marketing Magic!"

Dining Divas is your strategic partner for restaurant marketing success. With our expert services, we’ll craft enticing campaigns, boost your online presence, and bring more patrons to your tables, ensuring your culinary excellence gets the recognition it deserves


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Let the Dining Divas take your dining experience to the next level with Live Broadcasts.