Restaurant show airing on the CW SFL Sundays at Noon (12pm)

Restaurant show airing on the CW SFL Sundays at Noon (12pm)

Restaurant show airing on the CW SFL Sundays at Noon (12pm)Restaurant show airing on the CW SFL Sundays at Noon (12pm)Restaurant show airing on the CW SFL Sundays at Noon (12pm)


Check out this great video Check out Episode 8! If you missed us on the CW South Florida or live outside the area you can catch us here for our newest show.  

About Us

Dining Divas TV


What makes must see TV? Combining cuisine, celebrities and of course, attractive women. That’s what Dining Divas is all about... a fun out-on-the-town novel spin on high-end restaurant reviews with classy and attractive hosts featuring the trendiest hot spots for dining. 

The show will kick off testing the bartender’s skills while making our hosts signature cocktails. They will walk us thru the ingredients and preparation involved in concocting these specialty drinks. 

Then the Divas will learn to cook one favorite dish the chef chooses. With these hosts personalities you're guaranteed good banter and lots of laughs as they chop it up in the kitchen.


Following their behind-the-scenes culinary experience, our Divas greet a surprise celebrity, foodie or influencer they have invited over to enjoy the fruits of their labor at the dining table. 

They will get to know their guest a little better by discussing their current career and of course thoughts about the chef’s creation, bringing the audience a more candid approach to celebrity interviews. 

The segment will close out with opinions of the meal, what they love about it and what they thought of the restaurant. 

Grand Marshall Reception for Winterfest 2019

4 Ever Young

The Divas take you to the hottest holiday party at Biergarten Boca Raton with non other then their favorite med spa, 4 Ever Young. Great bites, great music by Vinnie Vinsane, awesome hosting by Brian Breach and all to raise funds and collect toys for an amazing cause, Kids in Distress. 



Dining Divas CW Commercial

Dining Divas is the ultimate restaurant guide to drinking and dining in South Florida. 

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Robert Irvine at SOBE WFF with the Dining Divas

Ana Maria Reyes the "Sweet Diva"   and Christine Curran the "Spicy Diva" take you to experience the toes in the sand event that happens every year on Miami Beach, SOBE Wine and Food Fest. They chat it up with a few beverage brands and catch Robert Irvine from Food Network promoting his new Vodka as well.

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Dining Divas TV

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