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Even Keel is a unique concept restaurant that was the brainchild of 3 amazing chefs who are all fishermen. From the time you walk in you feel a very warm and inviting atmosphere from the staff and the over all ambiance of the venue. The Divas had a great time learning the history of Rhum Barbancourt and sipping on Boardroom Vodka cocktails with the very creative bar manager, Bootleg. He made the girls very tasty cocktails such as the “Pink it and Shrink it” with Boardroom Vodka cranberry, basil citrus, elderflower and

Vero sparkling water. Then he whipped up a “Roasted Pineapple Daiquiri” with Barbancourt Rhum, roasted pineapple syrup, lime juice and angostura bitters.  The island vibe at the bar makes Even Keel a cool spot to chill and enjoy happy hour drinks any day of the week.  When the Divas finally felt a little tipsy and were ready to eat, they met Chef Brad in the kitchen to give them a lesson on pumpkin swordfish and how to sear scallops properly.  

Then they met the other owner, Dean Max for the ultimate raw bar experience. There is absolutely nothing like Even Keels raw bar in Ft Lauderdale. From the jumbo shrimp to the in house made fish dip and

the oysters, its a seafood foodies paradise. Christine Curran the “Spicy Diva” and Michelle Vanessa the “Saucy Diva” worked up such an appetite they were so happy to see their guest Naughty Natalia show up to join the party because it was time to eat. Natalia is a radio host at 93.5 Revolution and has been a stable in the entertainment industry the past two decades. The girls enjoyed the food so much they planned a girls night back next week! Check them out for yourself at 

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