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If you ever wanted to taste the Mediterranean, Deja Blue is the place to go. With so many flavorful influences from around the Mediterranean and surrounding areas you’re guaranteed a great meal that satisfies your tastebuds. This hidden gem not only has amazing food but an awesome atmosphere. It feels like you stepped outside of South Florida and into a European paradise. Deja Blue is inspired by authentic, freshly prepared Italian, Greek, French, Spanish, North African and

Middle Eastern cultures. The Spicy Diva Christine Curran and the Sweet Diva Ana Maria Reyes got to experience this hot spot first hand.  They had a great time cooking it up with Chef Victor in their beautiful open kitchen. From the lamb skewers with the melted butter dripping into the rice to the Paella, the food was a mouth watering experience. The Divas also tried the pork chop, chicken skewers, steak skewers, hummus, greek salad, shrimp cocktail and more. Now you can’t eat all this amazing food with out a

good wine.  The girls sipped on Murano pinot grigio straight from the Murano island. This wine is a DOC wine guaranteed by the government.  It’s a premium smooth white wine that will make you crave more.  There is no bitter after taste or bite.  It’s the cleanest tasting wine both Divas have ever tried. Everything about Murano wine is detail orientated. From the cork to the label to the product, they spare no expense to bring wine lovers a true top notch product. It couldn’t have been a

better dining experience then to have Ana Qooks from Real Housewives join us.  They caught up on her latest ventures with Daily Flash tv as well as her Skinny Latina brand being sold at Whole Foods.  You can find Murano wines at Publix’s in Miami as well as Total Wine stores in South Florida.  Watch Deja Blue, Murano wines and Ana Qooks on DDtv this February to see the full restaurant experience.  

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