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If you haven’t been to Crazy Uncle Mike’s in Boca Raton yet, its definitely worth a visit. Not only is it a brewery but it has craft food, cocktails and live music.  They have set the bar for new entertainment venues in town. The Divas were stoked to visit the happening new spot.  They saw the Monkey in Paradise Vodka truck when they first walked up and found out there were some serious drink specials happening that day. So of course, in 

Diva fashion, they tried them all.  They started with the cucumber martini, then sipped on the Moscow mule and finished with a good ole monkey Bloody Mary. The vodka is so smooth they could barely taste it. Exactly how a vodka should always be, clean! After indulging in drinks, the Divas made their way to meet Chef Tara in the kitchen. Ironically it was International Women’s Day with the first female chef on the show! Hey, everything happens for a reason.

They whipped up a Crazy Uncle Mike’s

signature burger, a cool twist on a wedge salad with a fried egg that goozes all over the lettuce, pork belly tacos, chicken and sweet potato pancakes and maple bacon croquettes.  Chef Tara knows how to throw down on some good ole comfort foods. The Spicy Diva Christine Curran had her heart set on the bacon croquettes and the Sweet Diva Ana Maria Reyes refused to share the chicken and sweet potato pancakes. The Divas were so hungry after smelling all the goodies in the kitchen they immediately went to

hang out in the dining area to grub down. Their friend, Billboard recording artist Kendra Erika joined the feast. She filled the girls in on her latest single and some of the cool venues she performs at around town. It was such a fun day the girls had to close out dancing the night away with one of Crazy Uncle Mike’s regular bands, Artikal Sound System

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