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Dining Divas teamed up with Be Mixed, the natural zero calorie mixer, to create “Diva style” Tito’s Vodka cocktails.   

First we had to grab some fresh ingredients: Strawberries, cucumbers, lime and basil.  Then we created cocktails made of Be Mixed Margarita, Be Mixed Ginger Lime and Be Mixed Cucumber Mint. 

The three cocktail winners were:

The Diva Vodkarita “Vodka has less calories” 

2 oz shot Tito’s Vodka, I bottle of Be Mixed Margarita, shaken and poured on top of muddled strawberries, a sugar rim and a squeezed lime, garnished with basil and a lime. 

This was just sooooo yummy 

Just Call Me Ginger “I already know I’m a Diva” 

2 oz shot of Tito’s vodka, Be Mixed Ginger Lime, 3 basil leaves, 2 squeezed limes, shaken and poured (I add a little ice out of the shaker after, personal preference) garnished with a lime

Tastes very similar to a Moscow Mule 

The Chilly Diva “Divas can be so cold”

2 oz Tito’s Vodka, Be Mixed cucumber mint, chopped cucumber and basil blended with ice and served frozen, garnished with a cucumber

 So refreshing especially frozen 

It was a definitely a fun time concocting Be Mixed, zero calorie drinks with fresh ingredients and Tito’s Vodka.  You can definitely be a Diva drinker with out drinking the calories. Cheers Ladies! 

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