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Author page: diningdivas

Meet the Crew

RUI DIAS - LINE PRODUCER/ART DIRECTOR From Portuguese descent born in Venezuela, Rui lives a multicultural essence, speaks 4 languages, and enjoys a constantly rewarding learning curve in all he does. Rui earned a BFA in Communication Art & Design with the Royal College of Arts, Kensington , London. 3 years after he…

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lacey mimms

I began my career in retail. At the early age of sixteen, I was a supervisor of a local popular clothing store. From that moment, I knew I wanted to be in the business of helping people.  Upon graduating from the prestigious Howard University with a degree in Hospitality Management, I accepted a managerial role…

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Kavita Channe

SAVORY DIVA Kavita Channe is back, at the Diva Dynasty where her Savory Diva skills really come into play. She's a master Rosé Connoisseur. Her diverse palette and background gives her a foodie advantage over most. She prefers caviar with her rosé especially in the Hamptons.  Kavita Channe is known for her work as a…

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Ana Maria Reyes

SWEET DIVA Ana is an original OG of the Dining Divas team. Ana is known for having an exceptionally big appetite, and no amount of food is enough for her...she will lick her plate clean (and yours if you're not careful). Ana is especially fond of latin dishes, reflective of her heritage. Ana's favorite cocktail…

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