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If you haven’t heard of the newest spot to hit downtown Ft Lauderdale, let me be the first to tell you,  00 Saloon has definitely made its presence known.  The extremely large, yellow and red building boasting 6 bars and 2 floors of fun is also getting recognized for its amazing cuisine!  The “Spicy Diva” Christine Curran and “Savory Diva” Paige Bresky take you for a brunch you won’t forget.

The Divas started their girls day off with small batched bourbon by American Barrels Whiskey  This whiskey is definitely one of a kind, not only because of its extremely well crafted bottle in a shot gun casing wrapped with a snake but the flavor of the whiskey is unique. You can taste the notes of caramel and vanilla sliding down your throat. Everything about American Barrels was top notch.  

By the time the Divas got to the Kitchen to cook with Chef James they were ready to eat. Chef James is quite the character. He is a super flavorful chef that throws down in the kitchen.  He prepared some pretty tasty treats with the Divas.  The Spicy Diva loved the American Barrels sliders with the Blue Moon coconut crusted pineapple on top paired with a cherry.  It was definitely a conversation dish. If American Barrels didn’t taste amazing enough in a glass imagine it on a pork slider.

The Savory Diva was feeling the glazed Salmon dish which was accompanied by sautèed spinach, rice, well seasoned beans and a gorgeous edible orchid. It was definitely the healthier meal but it didn’t lack any taste.  

She definitely enjoyed the meal as much as her conversation with our love coach, Lisa Concepcion. They had quite the discussion on dating in South Florida and how to properly prepare yourself to find a good match. 

Lisa was completely smitten by the coffee liquer blue cheese crumbled filet mignon.  Can you blame her? It was tender, perfectly cooked and sided with hearty seasoned red potatoes and green beans with carrots.  

She was really insightful over brunch as a love coach on the reasons why people have a hard time attracting the right significant other.  She  touched on why we attract the same wrong matches over and over again and how to get out of the funk. 

It was an over all pleasurable experience at the 00 Saloon.  The staff was fun and friendly, the venue was breathe taking, the food was superb and who wouldn’t love a little whiskey in the afternoon. It’s DD tv approved! 

Lisa Concepcion, Chef James 00 Saloon, Christine Curran, Paige Bresky 


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